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Help Center


    Why should I register on the website?


    Registering on our website is free.

    By registering, you can send your order and check its status. You can also create online albums and share them with your close ones.

    To register, simply provide a username (your e-mail address) and a password as well as your address.

    How to place my first order?


    To place an order, you must register (free) with a username (e-mail address) and a password. The username is always the e-mail address with which you register yourself.

    Can I have my order delivered to another address than that of my account?


    Yes, you can change the delivery address. It will be requested during the ordering process.

    How to change my password?


    To change your password, simply log in with your username (your registered e-mail) and your usual password in the "Login" section. Once in "My Account" section, enter a new password, then confirm and submit it. Your new password is saved.

    How can I change my user data?


    You can modify your user account information (e-mail, password, address, newsletter) at any time. Simply register, then go to "My Account" section, modify your personal data and submit it.

    I forgot my password: can I get a new one?


    On the registration page, you can request the generation of a new password if you do not remember the latter anymore. Just click on "Forgot Password" and let it guide you. You will receive a new password at the e-mail address with which you have registered. You can of course modify it under "My Account" section.

    Why am I automatically disconnected?


    For security reasons, you will be automatically logged out of your member area after the order is finalized, or after 30 minutes of inactivity.


    How can I see my shopping cart?


    You will be taken to the shopping cart when you click on "Order" while you are setting up your prints/products or at any time if you click on the "Cart" icon in the left menu.

    Can I reorder previous works?


    To order prints or posters, you need to reorder again.

    For orders of Photo Books, calendars, decoration, objects or collages, you must open the project that you would have saved beforehand at the time of the first order. All saved projects are in "MyCreations" section. You can order it again from the selected project.

    How to know the amount of my order?


    Product prices are indicated in the price list without shipping costs.

    The total amount of the order indicated in the cart shows the amount you have to pay (value of the order + shipping costs).

    How to use a promotion code?


    For this, you need to be registered. In the "Shopping Cart", enter the promotional code in the field located at the bottom and then click "Submit". The coupon is validated by our servers and the promotion amount will be displayed on the screen.

    Your promotional code is not deducted?


    Try checking the terms and conditions of the offer:

    - The type of product in question (for prints: the range of prints concerned, for Photobooks: the name of the book and/or the number of pages...)

    - The dates for which the offer is valid

    How to modify an order?


    In your shopping cart, you can click on "Option – Modify" in order to return to your project and modify it.

    Once your order is submitted, it cannot be modified.

    Order confirmation


    At the end of processing your order, a confirmation message containing a summary of the items ordered, the delivery address and your e-mail is displayed. You will be notified of the status of your order by e-mail.

    How to know the shipping costs?


    For more information on shipping costs and rates that apply, go to the "Price List" section.

    When is my order processed?


    The order is only effective from the time you receive the confirmation e-mail containing your order number. Keep it safely. In case of a claim, it will be requested from you.

    If you did not receive this confirmation e-mail, wait a few minutes if needed and then recheck your mailbox. Remember to check your "junk mail" or spam; it may unfortunately be misclassified.

    Otherwise, make sure your mailbox is functional and that the e-mail address provided is correct. Finally, check in "My Account" section whether a new order is available.

    What are the lead times for the production and shipment of the products?


    The average production lead times (from receipt of your order until shipping) are as follows:

    - Photo Book, Glossy range: 4 days

    - Photo Book, Edition range: 4 days

    - Photo gifts: 5 days

    - Decoration photos: 5 days

    - Posters: 5 days

    - Photo prints: 2 days

    - Personalized calendars and card shop: 5 days

    Products are sent by mail. In general, delivery time is within 2 workdays for France.

    How to track my order?


    The status of your order is available in "My Orders" section. To do this, register yourself, then go to this section to view the history of your orders and their status.

    How to track my order which was shipped?


    A shipping confirmation e-mail informs you of the dispatch of your parcel. If it includes a tracking number, you can access the website to follow the steps of its delivery.

    The post office does not commit itself for timely delivery. The average delivery time is 2 workdays (excluding production lead time) for France.

    How can I pay for my order (payment method)?


    The website offers a secure online payment by bank card.

    When paying by bank card (CD and VISA), you enter a secure area: MERCANET (BNP PARIBAS) which uses proven cryptographic techniques and respects the different banking regulations. You will be asked to note the visual cryptogram (The last 3 digits engraved on the back of your card that you are THE ONLY one to know).

    For your information, the website does not allow check payment.

    Ordering online

    How to download my photos?


    You can choose between the standard transfer and the quick transfer. If your computer's configuration allows it, we recommend you use the quick transfer. Otherwise, use the standard transfer.

    Why use the quick transfer add-on?


    The quick transfer allows you to order on a user-friendly interface which is similar to that of your operating system. You can easily browse through the different folders on your computer and quickly make your selection.

    This transfer module must be installed at the time of first use and this takes only a few seconds depending on your Internet connection.

    Why the quick transfer add-on does not automatically install itself?


    The quick transfer add-on requires the installation of a module on your browser. Depending thereof, safety confirmation warnings may appear on the screen. You must confirm the confirmation messages twice in order for the "Quick Transfer" module to be installed.

    How to use the quick transfer add-on?


    Click on the product you wish to order (Prints, Posters or Photo Books)..

    Choose the "Quick Transfer" order (you must accept download of the Active X or Java applet tool: a security warning will prompt you).

    Browse through the folders on your computer and select the photos you wish to have a print run by dragging the thumbnails in the explorer window to the window on the right. You can choose two different sources for this download: your online photo album or documents stored on your computer (select the corresponding tab).

    In the Order window, you can choose the format and number of copies you want for each of these photos.

    Once your selection is complete, click on "Add to cart".

    You will access your "Shopping Cart"; follow the instructions. When your order is well registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your order number.

    What photo formats do you accept?


    JPEG format is accepted.

    Files must have a valid extension and file names must not contain any special character (commas, special symbols...).

    Extensions that are accepted are .jpg.

    Files should be saved in RGB mode only. We want to draw your attention to image editing which can induce saving in other color modes that are not accepted.

    The time to download photos is long.


    If you order online, your photos will be transmitted to the laboratory via the Internet. This may take some time depending on the number of images and your Internet connection.

    The download time depends on the size of your files in Mo and your Internet connection expressed in kilooctets per second. We recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider to know the capacities of your Internet line to receive but mainly to transmit (particularly for sending photos).

    Tip: You can leave the computer on once the transmission has started because the order will automatically be concluded. An order confirmation message will appear at the end.

    What print format will I get?


    Prints, enlargements and posters have a variable length that automatically adapts to the proportions of the files received.

    In a single order, we can therefore produce a square photo (10x10cm), a 4:3 photo (10x13cm), a 3:2 photo (10x15cm) and a 16:9 photo (10x18cm) .

    How to judge the quality of my files before ordering?


    You can order prints of photos from a digital camera and scanned images as long as they are saved as JPEG (.jpg) files.

    Regarding the downloaded images, files must have been saved in JPEG (.jpg) format. If your files are in a different format, you must convert them into JPEG using a graphical utility. We also recommend you to use the lowest JPEG compression rate to save your images. The file size will be larger but it will improve the prints' quality.

    When ordering, if the quality is not sufficient for the desired format, you will be notified.

    My albums

    What are the advantages of an online album?


    You can access your photos from around the world, create slide shows for your close ones, share your memories and keep a copy of your photos online.

    How to share a photo album?


    Select an album by checking the box at the bottom on the left of the latter, and then click "Share". A URL is then available to access the share. Simply copy this address and communicate it to your closed ones.

    How to order from an online photo album?


    Once you logged on to the site, you have access to your online album by clicking on "My Albums" when ordering.

    Can I order from a shared photo album?


    Yes, sharing allows the person who receives the invitation to order prints, posters or photo gifts.

    Can we deactivate sharing of an album?


    Yes, to do so, simply select the shared album and click on "Cancel the sharing".

    Disney PhotoPass™

    What is Disney PhotoPass™ ?


    Disney PhotoPass™ is the brand name applied to Photo Imaging products and services at Disneyland® Paris and at other Walt Disney Parks & Resorts properties worldwide.
    The Disney PhotoPass Service describes the Guest experience at Disneyland Paris, as it relates to Photo Imaging products and services.

    Examples include :

    • - On-Ride image capture opportunities at certain Attractions.
    • - Photographer presence at defined Character Meet & Greet sites, to capture images of Guests during their Character Meet & Greet encounter
    • - Photographer presence at certain iconic locations within Disneyland Paris to capture images of Guests during their visit
    • Photo viewing and purchase opportunities in selected Disneyland Paris shops, across a dedicated photo network
    • - Access to online & mobile Applications, operated by Fujifilm, for viewing and downloading purchased image files

    What is PhotoPass+ ?

    top PhotoPass+ is part of the Disney PhotoPass™ service.
    PhotoPass+ is a product that allows you to acquire a digital portfolio of all of the souvenir photos taken during your visit to Disneyland Paris, whether on the Attractions, or by Disney PhotoPass photographers.

    Where can I get a PhotoPass+ ?


    PhotoPass+ can be purchased before your visit when booking your stay through the Disneyland Paris Central Reservations Office, or on arrival, at any photo sales points or other selected shops within Disneyland Paris.

    How can I activate my PhotoPass+ ?


    PhotoPass+ cards are activated through the Disneyland Paris point of sales system at time of purchase

    When can I use my PhotoPass+ ?


    You may start using your PhotoPass+ card to associate images to your account as soon as the card has been activated. Images can be associated to the PhotoPass+ account for 10 days after activation.

    How can I view and download my photos ?


    • 1-Open a free account online at, or directly in the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass App
    • 2-Register your PhotoPass+ ID n° to your PhotoPass account
    • 3-View, download and share your photos!

    Where can I find my PhotoPass+ ID n° ?


    Each PhotoPass+ product contains a unique ID n°. You will find the PhotoPass+ ID n° on the reverse side of each card provided in your product. Scratch off the privacy zone to uncover the last 4 digits when you register your PhotoPass+ online. You can also find the full PhotoPass+ ID n° on the Activation Ticket given to you when you purchased your PhotoPass+ product. Please keep this Ticket separate from your PhotoPass+ ID’s.

    How long are my photos stored online ?


    Photos associated to your PhotoPass+ card are stored online for 1 year from the date of image capture.

    What can I do with my photos ?


    • - You may download the image files.
    • - You may copy the image files and share them with your family, friends and contacts.
    • - You may make personalised photo products on the PhotoPass web site (operated by Fujifilm)
    • - You may use the image files for any other personal use, within the context of the family circle.

    What are the restrictions of use ?


    Photos associated to your PhotoPass+ card may not be used for any purpose that could be considered as having a negative impact on the reputation or the image of Disneyland Paris as a family vacation destination. Purchase of a PhotoPass+ product does not confer any rights over any intellectual property of Disneyland Paris, the Walt Disney Company, or any other Disney entity, or Disney owned entity.

    Where can I get support for my PhotoPass+ ?


    Please contact Fujifilm hotline for PhotoPass+ cards support via : contact

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