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Automatic optimization by "Image Intelligence"

"Image Intelligence" is an exclusive technology to improve digital prints that was developed by FUJIFILM based on over 70 years of experience in the field of imagery. Already in use since a long time for all digital prints, the optimization system of "Image Intelligence" is available since end of 2009 for products ordered over the Internet.
Automatic image correction is enabled by default for Prints, Posters, Photo Books and Photo Gifts: it therefore automatically corrects contrast, underexposure, artificial light and red eyes issues without the user's intervention.

In general, the optimization by "Image Intelligence" gives very good results on most images. It is therefore recommended to leave it activated for all everyday uses.

Special Cases

Images not to be corrected

For particular uses, the results obtained with automatic correction may not be consistent with the photographer’s expectations:

  • photos already corrected manually with another software;
  • assembling of several images;
  • professional shooting in a studio;
  • scanned documents written on white background or monochrome;
  • reproductions of old photos;
  • scanned negatives or slides;
  • very contrasting photos in artificial lighting.
In these different cases, it may be necessary to disable the image optimization option to prevent any unintentional modification of the files. In this case, simply disable the image enhancement option in the shopping cart page of your order.